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TRIGON 6 Analogue Synth

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TRIGON 6 Analogue Synth

analogue synthesizer 6-voice polyphonic

semi-weighted 4-octave keyboard with 49 Keys, velocity and aftertouch

3 discrete VCOs per voice

simultaneously selectable waveforms: Triangle, Sawtooth, Inverted Sawtooth and Variable Width Pulse

Pulse width per oscillator;

Hard Sync: Oscillator 1 syncs with Oscillator 2

LFO mode (Oscillator 3)

Keyboard tracking on/off (Oscillator 3)

Oscillator feedback and drive control for increased signal saturation

White noise source

Keyboard pitch tracking on/off

switchable two-/four-pole discrete resonant low-pass filter per voice

filter can be set to self-oscillation with resonance control

bi-polar filter envelope

envelope speed modulation

keyboard tracking: off, half, full

4-stage (ADSR) envelope generator

envelope speed modulation;

LFO with 5 waveforms: Sine, Sawtooth, Inverted Sawtooth, Square and Random (sample and hold)

LFO sync

Poly Mod

Vintage knob recreates vintage synth characteristics by adding variations in component behaviour from voice to voice

Aftertouch; Clock


Polyphonic step sequencer with up to 64 steps and pauses

Effects: stereo analog distortion, two 24-bit / 48 kHz digital effects including: Reverb (room, hall, plate and spring), Delay (full bandwidth digital delay and emulated bucket brigade delay), Chorus, Flanger, Phaser and Ring Modulator

Illuminated pitch and modulation wheels

Transpose controls for an 8-octave range

Unison mode (monophonic) with configurable number of voices, from one to all six voices, chord memory and key modes

500 user and 500 factory programs in 10 banks of 100 programs each

built-in power supply 100 - 240 volts at 50 to 60 Hz

maple wood side panels

connections: 2x line output 6.3 mm jack, stereo headphone output 6.3 mm jack, MIDI In/Out/Thru, USB MIDI, filter cutoff input for expression pedal 6.3 mm jack, input for expression pedal for volume control 6.3 mm jack, sustain footswitch input 6.3 mm jack, input for sequencer start/stop footswitch

dimensions: 807 x 323 117 mm (WxDxH)

weight. 9.5 kg

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